Sunday, 17 March 2013

New Gemstone Bracelets

Hello All

Well...its Sunday again and here i am with another blog post.. this week i have made the first of some gemstone bracelets, here is the first one, this one is flurotite.

The gemstone bracelets are slightly chunkier than my first pearl range and they also have a different angel charm.  What do you think?
I have managed to gain a few extra followers on twitter this week which is good..i havent listed any items in my shop for a while as when i make a new design i like to wear the first one for a while just to make sure it stands up to everyday wear before i sell them.  You can view my shop at
So..the day job has been ok this week, my boss and main work creater is off work for two weeks now and i'm actually looking forward to going to work for the first time in ages as i plan on being able to get the things done that just hang around on your desk for months shouting at you ' need to get me done' but you never get round to doing.  I always think that its very theraputic to finally get things done that have been on your to do list for ages and sitting in the back of your mind. So...thats the plan for this week anyway...see how it goes.
This morning ive been for a lovely relaxing swim and sit in the sauna and steam rooms to counteract the effect of the snow falling again outside...then its dinner at my mums later today...i havent walked the furry one yet (Fudge) because i left my wellies outside last night and they are full of water!!  Now hoping they dry out before it gets dark so i can give fudge a nice long walk after dinner.
Speaking of wellies...i need some new ones as i live in them walking the dog, i have always just bought cheap ones but they always crack so i have decided to invest in some new ones...but do i go for Havianas or Hunter?!?  What is best? decisions decisions...
So...heres for the update on the resolutions:
Fitpal: I lost 2lb this week...wooo hoo...finally getting back into it!
Money: Savings still successful this month although its looking like i may have to dig into them a bit before pay day :/
Holiday: Think i'll definately afford one September time & my Best Friend has said she's love to go!
Gym: Only manage to go at weekends so demoting membership to off peak to save pennies as its not fair to the hound if i go after work in the week so i'll just walk her for longer intead:)
CIPS: Heard back to say i need to send originall DD form for my application so i'll get it posted off this week
Jewellery: well i'm updating twitter more to generate more interests and i'm still sticking to my blog posts every Sunday, i plan on putting more items in my shop next month and coming up with some more ideas
Well...thats it for this weekk!
Speak Soon
Andrea xx

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  1. Hello matey, I have Hunters and I love them. They can be small fitting though, they suggest that if you want to put thick socks on with them that you may need to get a size bigger. Loving the new designs :) lets meet up again soon!! xx