Sunday, 27 January 2013

So Far So Good....

Hello All

Well as I said last week I will now be blogging once a week on a Sunday and far so good because here I am again!

I was hoping that I would be back this week with a photo or two of some new jewellery items created this week...however...i've been a while out of the game and i am really trying to put effort into creating the whole 'Every Cloud' dynamic this time...I want to make sure I have more of a running theme to my designs, when I was 'My Beady Eye' my Folksy shope was very...shall we say...eclectic..higgildy piggeldy...wasnt really me or the image I was trying to portray.

So...I have put serious thought into my designs for firstly bracelets and necklaces, all built around the same running theme, quite time consuming and complicated to make but this should be worth it for the finished effect, I hope my shop is filled full of appealing, unique and interesting designs all running along a similar theme.....

I just hope it all ties together!  I had to wait for payday to buy more supplies so I have just ordered everything i need to make the first three bracelets and the first three necklaces...if these designs work in real life, i will then progress onto earrings and rings for the range.

I'm soooo excited to be getting back to making jewellery and I am soooo excited about the prospect of my new shop being very much more true to myself and my likes....

Right...just a quick post today as i am just off to my mums for tea as its her's my weekly update on my progress for my new years resolutions:

Weight: Still the same as last week:-/
Gym: Havent been at all this week :-/
Saving: Got paid and transferred money to my ISA! :-)
CIPS: Ticked this one! I Passed! :-)
Holiday: Not got one planned yet..not enough pennies:-/
Letting go of the past: Not done very well on this this week..still letting a certain someone upset me:-/
Jewellery Shop: All going to plan, first pieces should be made by next week! :-)

So...I suppose I haven't been very successful at my resolutions this week but i'm not giving up...they are all things I want to acheive this year...and I will...i'm focussed!!

Speak Soon
Andrea xx

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Boo!! I'm Back!!

Hello All! I am again...some people will remember me but for those of you who dont...i used to have a blog & a jewellery shop on Folksy & Etsy called 'My Beady Eye', i did quite well & felt like progressing from costume jewellery to sterling silver jewellery..i wanted to start afresh and so i started a new shop on Folksy called 'Every Cloud Silver by My Beady Eye'.

I never really got this shop off the ground properly before i made a huge move from Nottinghamshire back to Warwickshire, this move meant new house, new day life basically...during the move & the changes that took place as a result of it...i'm afraid i closed my jewellery shops on Folksy, shut my blog & my website & basically disappeared for nearly two years!!

Whilst i have been away i have moved county, moved job (I love my new day job, I work as an Engineering Buyer for a sheet steel manufacturing company and everyone there is great, I have been there 18 months now), I have moved house (been in my new house 2 years in March and i am very settled here), I have studied & gained my MCIPS qualification so I am now a fully qualified Buyer, finally after working in Purchasing for 9 years..basically alot has changed & now i am finally starting to feel more settled for the first time in years...its time to start taking stock of my life again!

So...this is where my jewellery comes into it again, I love making jewellery, its a huge part of me that i have missed over the past two years, i always knew i would pick it up again...and now is the time.

I have a shop ready to fill on Folksy, there is nothing in it as yet but i have lots of ideas for items to make & a strong running theme throughout, I am just waiting for pay day at the end of the month from my day job so that i can afford my jewellery making supplies!!  January is a looooong month!

I also have a twitter account where i will be tweeting about my shop @AndreaPaulie & i am also starting my blog up again, this post will be the first of many so watch this space!

I have hardly any followers yet but i am hoping that will change over time...

So...its the start of a new year and this year I have many resolutions...well...more like things i would like to acheive during 2013, ive never made resolutions before but this year i intend to stick to them and make positive changes this year so that 2014 i can reap the benefits..

My resoloutions / planned acheivements for 2013 are...

To loose 1.5 stone in weight
To let go of the past and be more optimistic
To become financially secure & start saving properly every month
To gain my CIPS qualification - Ive just acheived this one!!! Woohooo its a start!!!
To start my jewellery shop & blog up again & keep it going
To go to the gym minimum 3 times per week
To go on at least 1 weeks hot holiday abroad

The reason for me writing them down here is to make them real and make me stick to week i will keep you updated in my progress towards my goals...for the first goal, i have just signed up to fitpal and i am getting on with it great...i will be weighing myself every Saturday and will be blogging every Sunday so i will keep you updated on my progress...

Anyway...thats all for first blog post in a long time and i will be blogging now every Sunday so i look forward to speaking with you again soon!!

Thanks for reading...

Andrea xx