Sunday, 20 January 2013

Boo!! I'm Back!!

Hello All! I am again...some people will remember me but for those of you who dont...i used to have a blog & a jewellery shop on Folksy & Etsy called 'My Beady Eye', i did quite well & felt like progressing from costume jewellery to sterling silver jewellery..i wanted to start afresh and so i started a new shop on Folksy called 'Every Cloud Silver by My Beady Eye'.

I never really got this shop off the ground properly before i made a huge move from Nottinghamshire back to Warwickshire, this move meant new house, new day life basically...during the move & the changes that took place as a result of it...i'm afraid i closed my jewellery shops on Folksy, shut my blog & my website & basically disappeared for nearly two years!!

Whilst i have been away i have moved county, moved job (I love my new day job, I work as an Engineering Buyer for a sheet steel manufacturing company and everyone there is great, I have been there 18 months now), I have moved house (been in my new house 2 years in March and i am very settled here), I have studied & gained my MCIPS qualification so I am now a fully qualified Buyer, finally after working in Purchasing for 9 years..basically alot has changed & now i am finally starting to feel more settled for the first time in years...its time to start taking stock of my life again!

So...this is where my jewellery comes into it again, I love making jewellery, its a huge part of me that i have missed over the past two years, i always knew i would pick it up again...and now is the time.

I have a shop ready to fill on Folksy, there is nothing in it as yet but i have lots of ideas for items to make & a strong running theme throughout, I am just waiting for pay day at the end of the month from my day job so that i can afford my jewellery making supplies!!  January is a looooong month!

I also have a twitter account where i will be tweeting about my shop @AndreaPaulie & i am also starting my blog up again, this post will be the first of many so watch this space!

I have hardly any followers yet but i am hoping that will change over time...

So...its the start of a new year and this year I have many resolutions...well...more like things i would like to acheive during 2013, ive never made resolutions before but this year i intend to stick to them and make positive changes this year so that 2014 i can reap the benefits..

My resoloutions / planned acheivements for 2013 are...

To loose 1.5 stone in weight
To let go of the past and be more optimistic
To become financially secure & start saving properly every month
To gain my CIPS qualification - Ive just acheived this one!!! Woohooo its a start!!!
To start my jewellery shop & blog up again & keep it going
To go to the gym minimum 3 times per week
To go on at least 1 weeks hot holiday abroad

The reason for me writing them down here is to make them real and make me stick to week i will keep you updated in my progress towards my goals...for the first goal, i have just signed up to fitpal and i am getting on with it great...i will be weighing myself every Saturday and will be blogging every Sunday so i will keep you updated on my progress...

Anyway...thats all for first blog post in a long time and i will be blogging now every Sunday so i look forward to speaking with you again soon!!

Thanks for reading...

Andrea xx

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