Sunday, 27 January 2013

So Far So Good....

Hello All

Well as I said last week I will now be blogging once a week on a Sunday and far so good because here I am again!

I was hoping that I would be back this week with a photo or two of some new jewellery items created this week...however...i've been a while out of the game and i am really trying to put effort into creating the whole 'Every Cloud' dynamic this time...I want to make sure I have more of a running theme to my designs, when I was 'My Beady Eye' my Folksy shope was very...shall we say...eclectic..higgildy piggeldy...wasnt really me or the image I was trying to portray.

So...I have put serious thought into my designs for firstly bracelets and necklaces, all built around the same running theme, quite time consuming and complicated to make but this should be worth it for the finished effect, I hope my shop is filled full of appealing, unique and interesting designs all running along a similar theme.....

I just hope it all ties together!  I had to wait for payday to buy more supplies so I have just ordered everything i need to make the first three bracelets and the first three necklaces...if these designs work in real life, i will then progress onto earrings and rings for the range.

I'm soooo excited to be getting back to making jewellery and I am soooo excited about the prospect of my new shop being very much more true to myself and my likes....

Right...just a quick post today as i am just off to my mums for tea as its her's my weekly update on my progress for my new years resolutions:

Weight: Still the same as last week:-/
Gym: Havent been at all this week :-/
Saving: Got paid and transferred money to my ISA! :-)
CIPS: Ticked this one! I Passed! :-)
Holiday: Not got one planned yet..not enough pennies:-/
Letting go of the past: Not done very well on this this week..still letting a certain someone upset me:-/
Jewellery Shop: All going to plan, first pieces should be made by next week! :-)

So...I suppose I haven't been very successful at my resolutions this week but i'm not giving up...they are all things I want to acheive this year...and I will...i'm focussed!!

Speak Soon
Andrea xx

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