Sunday, 24 February 2013

Ooooh A Facebook Page!!!

Hello All

Well...ive been a bit busy this weekend so far and ive changed all my photos in my Folksy shop and have all items so far listed, you can view them at

I have also created my very own facebook page for every cloud although i need someone to design me an avatar to co ordinate with my banner that is the correct size for a facebook profile pic so i will need to sort that... see what you think

I have also been playing with some idea for my next range to mix it up a watch this space!!

Here are a couple of pics, one of a bracelet and one of a necklace from my current range...

As for my resolutions:
Weight: Put on 1.5lb's this week!! At least i'm honest..need to get back on track:-/
Money: Not great, chipped away at my savings this month as needed 4 new tyres on the car :-/
Gym: Not good, not been at all this week :-/
CIPS: Still not full certificate as i'm waiting until pay day to pay for membership :-/
Jewellery: This is the only resolution thats completely on track, lots of progress this week :-)
I'm so glad i decided to do these weekly updates on my resolutions beacause i really wanted to stick to them this year as they are logical resolutions that would much improve my next year if i acheive them this year and i can see from this update i am not doing plan on getting on track and next weeks update should be much better!!
Speak Soon
Andrea xx

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